Bob the DJ in the house!

What a whirlwind summer season! Bob the DJ, Bob the Performer, Bob the Corporate Party Planner, Bob the Presenter, Bob the MC! It just kept coming. Are we ready for fall?! With the change of seasons comes the Entertainment Consultant for ALL occassions! How can I help make your event awesome? I will arrive with that solution in stereo. Integrity, Quality and Perfection is my special formula. No stress of entertainment planning. I will create the appropriate atmosphere for those important guests attending. Friendly, polished, fun, professional, always approachable…a personal concert…period.


I look forward to helping you plan, create and deliver that one-of-a-kind show experience.


Yours truly,


Maestro Bob the DJ


About bobthedjroig

A fun-loving perfectionist who, much like your lovable Labrador, lives to please through performing. Always energetic, I bring the best appropriate humour to every event I have ever performed. From the utmost in professionalism to the downright zany, I'm the one you've heard so much about.
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