Busy Busy Busy!

What can I tell you? Since my last posting I have had the priveledge and pleasure of hosting not just one, but three talent shows, a 50th anniversary fund raiser for the Noon Rotary Club of Barrington, a surprize party, Kite Day for Lines school, the Spring Fling dance, a Waldorf School Annual Auction, a graduation party for the Girl Scouts of America, and topped my 100th Cruise Night!! I have added some photos of the fashion show that you’ll get a kick out of, the Lines Talent show at the Sanfillipo Estate, and some new photos in my previous gigs album (you HAVE to see my Werewolf get-up).
And there’s no let up. This summer still brings the likes of the 4th Annual Concours d’Elegance, a pig roast party, several weddings, 8 more Cruise Nights, numerous fund raisers, an auction, a fest or two and who knows what else is to come.
2010 is proving to be a blast indeed! I hope you can make it, have made it or will make it to where all the fun seems to be. It would be my honour to throw a laugh or two your way or maybe provide an evening of elegance.
Thanks for stopping by.
Yours truly,
Bob the DJ

About bobthedjroig

A fun-loving perfectionist who, much like your lovable Labrador, lives to please through performing. Always energetic, I bring the best appropriate humour to every event I have ever performed. From the utmost in professionalism to the downright zany, I'm the one you've heard so much about.
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