Stereophile Bliss, With a Kick

Are you ready?! My new JBL SR series PA’s are here along with the new MRX series subwoofer!! Throw a Crown Xi series 1000w amp for the sub and you have an absolute thing of beauty, not to mention power. I am happy to confidently say that along with the previous system of Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theatre custom series long throw horn speakers, Shure Pro-Master board, and all the other goodies, there is no other system that comes close.

I also discover, after way too many years, that Altec-Lansing and JBL are sister companies because JBL stands for James B. Lansing. Get out! I have always been conflicted with my loyalties and choosing which company made the best speakers. It’s like a weight has been lifted. To think I never realized that fact. Well now I’m even happier about it. And with Crown being the clear leader on the amplifier side, hell I can’t stop smiling. So welcome 2011, time for the fun times!


Bob the happy DJ and EVT* Specialist                    *excessive volume therapy (TM applied for)


About bobthedjroig

A fun-loving perfectionist who, much like your lovable Labrador, lives to please through performing. Always energetic, I bring the best appropriate humour to every event I have ever performed. From the utmost in professionalism to the downright zany, I'm the one you've heard so much about.
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