A Remarkable Year this 2011

Everyone loves Gelato International Fest 2011

Every year opens up new venues and experiences for me. This year I was fortunate enough to be included in the VFW’s Memorial Day Ceremonies at Evergreen Cemetary after the parade. Very moving.

In addition to the Fashion Show for the Chamber (a blast), a slew of graduation parties [with some great caterers as well – call me for recommendations], an extraordinary collection of Concours events {VIP Presentation (nice), Road Rally (way cool), Gala (always amazing) and the Porsche Ride and Drive (awesome!!)}, a barage of beautiful weddings [each one unique], some annual company picnics and Bob & Marianne’s private car show {incredible}, there was the

Cheng Da Chinese Drummers

Rotary’s impressive International Fest[fantastic talent and shows, great vendors and cuisine, activities, and of course music & hosting]{visit my photo gallery}.

Cruise Night lent a hand again at making the summer great for all it’s fans and afficianados in it’s 8th year. We even had a Flash Mob! [the good kind that sings and dances].

What’s left? Plenty, so come back in a few to find out. I’ll do my best to get photos your way, but hopefully you’ll have an event of your own that we can experience first hand and I’ll post pictures for everyone else to see!

Always at your service,

Maestro Bob the DJ


About bobthedjroig

A fun-loving perfectionist who, much like your lovable Labrador, lives to please through performing. Always energetic, I bring the best appropriate humour to every event I have ever performed. From the utmost in professionalism to the downright zany, I'm the one you've heard so much about.
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