Happy New Year!  How time flies and what a wonderful year 2017 was. As we look forward to an exciting change of the calendar, there are already marvelous things planned ahead for 2018.

My resolution (wish me luck please) is to recognize as much of the good, in everything, that I can. As long as I stay well into the positive side of things with my outlook, I hope to feel that way too! Being negative is way too easy so I challenged myself to do better. Again, wish me luck, lol.

Hope to see you soon!



About bobthedjroig

A fun-loving perfectionist who, much like your lovable Labrador, lives to please through performing. Always energetic, I bring the best appropriate humour to every event I have ever performed. From the utmost in professionalism to the downright zany, I'm the one you've heard so much about.
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