What About Bob?

Bob the DJ has been entertaining parties and crowds for over 25 years now. Performing for groups of 20 to audiences of over 8,000 across the nation. From New York to California, and from Minnesota to Florida, I have had my share of fun and provided smiles for thousands. I am proud to post over 1,000 gigs to my repertoire and am pleased to know all my clients were happy with the results.

I aim to please and as important, confidently ensure a successful event whether it be for funds raised, people attending, or just plain fun and dancing. I guess that’s why over 85% of my clients hire me again or refer me to others. BobtheDJ@Live.com

Thank you all for the support over the years!

I take great steps in preparation to make my clients events flawless, memorable and stress-free. Whether it is in one of the many roles I perform, like MC, Host, DJ, Auctioneer, presenter, or actor I make your event everyone’s memories.


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