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Fashion Show Host

Choosing the right person for your event can be challenging, and more importantly, choosing the wrong one can be costly and upsetting. If you don’t have a talented professional performing, you risk having your event ruined. That’s where I make the difference. Don’t let the name Bob the DJ fool you. In addition to being the best, most professional DJ available, I am also experienced performing in a variety of roles. So, if you need a:

  • Master of Ceremonies {MC, Emcee}
  • Host
  • Non-Licensed Auctioneer {not-for-profit or charitable events only}
  • Murder Mystery Host
  • Announcer {color or play-by-play}
  • Talk Show Host
  • Actor {live or taped}
  • Narrator or Voice-Over
  • Entertainer
  • Corporate Presenter
  • Facilitator
  • Promoter
  • Sound Engineer, or
  • of course, a DJ

For your:

  • Gala
  • Party
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • Annual Ball
  • Fund Raiser
  • Rave
  • Murder Mystery
  • Show
  • Civic Function
  • Talent Show
  • Holiday Party
  • Corporate Presentation, or
  • Trade Show

I can help. Look no further than Bob the DJ to make it easier for you! 847.217.2762 or


1 Response to Services

  1. charlesroig says:

    Your shows apply directly to the occasion! No hearing “Good Ol’ Time Rock N’ Roll” at a Renaissance event where participants are in full costume, or “Sympathy for the Devil”nad “Blurred Lines” at a family holiday banquet.

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