2013 Spells Fun!

Welcome 2013! And an exciting year is already planned for fans of Bob the DJ. New events, upgraded events and classic events are all beckoning those who have enjoyed the fun over the years and for those looking to enjoy new things too. From private parties to out-of-town gigs, count on hearing my voice all around the town.

Of course, in my continued evolution, I am excited to announce the addition of some new toys to my equipment wares. A visually stimulating, cutting edge, built-in LED display coffin case is now my main mount for my command center. With solid, strobing, fading, flashing and blending effects that can be timed or responding to music, in a variety of color choices, I have been complimented and how it adds to the life and energy of the event.

I want to give a big thanks to all who have supported and requested BTDJ to do the events they love. Looking forward to seeing you this year so please make sure to stop by to say hello!

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5 Stars All Around!

This is the kind of thing worth sharing. Posted in The Knot magazine.


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Gulf Coast Bride Magazine

That’s right. Bob the DJ got a very nice mention in

Look for the Winter 2012 issue

the article and credits in this illustrious upscale magazine (pg 31), thanks very much to Jim & Emily. For all readers who are interested in tying the knot anywhere along the beautiful Gulf Coast, they are able to read about Jim & Emily’s wonderful wedding experience (pgs 28 – 31). www.gcbride.com latest issue.

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2011 in review

Hey Thanks everyone for visiting! Over 1400 people from around the world {no one from Antartica or my other home continent of Australia though – dang}, but this is cool. The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Feel free to check it out, Bob the DJ has gone global!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Cover your eyes!!

You’ve been flashed!

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A Remarkable Year this 2011

Everyone loves Gelato International Fest 2011

Every year opens up new venues and experiences for me. This year I was fortunate enough to be included in the VFW’s Memorial Day Ceremonies at Evergreen Cemetary after the parade. Very moving.

In addition to the Fashion Show for the Chamber (a blast), a slew of graduation parties [with some great caterers as well – call me for recommendations], an extraordinary collection of Concours events {VIP Presentation (nice), Road Rally (way cool), Gala (always amazing) and the Porsche Ride and Drive (awesome!!)}, a barage of beautiful weddings [each one unique], some annual company picnics and Bob & Marianne’s private car show {incredible}, there was the

Cheng Da Chinese Drummers

Rotary’s impressive International Fest[fantastic talent and shows, great vendors and cuisine, activities, and of course music & hosting]{visit my photo gallery}.

Cruise Night lent a hand again at making the summer great for all it’s fans and afficianados in it’s 8th year. We even had a Flash Mob! [the good kind that sings and dances].

What’s left? Plenty, so come back in a few to find out. I’ll do my best to get photos your way, but hopefully you’ll have an event of your own that we can experience first hand and I’ll post pictures for everyone else to see!

Always at your service,

Maestro Bob the DJ

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Wedding Season All Year Long

We have kicked off 2011 with a passion. A passion for weddings! My darling roadie [my wife Joanne] and I have have just returned from a wedding gig in beautiful Destin, FL where I performed at the San Destin Resort for a lovely bride & groom [see the wonderful testimonial they wrote] and their entourage. With road trip stops along the way in Memphis [on the way down] and Chattanooga [on the way back] our 40 hour 5 day sojourn brought great smiles, fun times and a flat out blast! The 86 degree sunshine on the Gulf of Mexico in March for this Chicago boy didn’t prove to be too miserable either.

With several exciting weddings scheduled this year and a variety of new and interesting gigs coming up, like the Chamber Fashion Show, Kite Day at Citizen’s Park, the VFW Memorial Day Parade, International Day, Carpentersville Fest, ShelterBox Challenge, the Concours’ Road Rally (and Awards Show again), and a few surprize parties I can’t mention, 2011 is going to be fantastic! And, of course, all the regular gigs are back and I have some new fun planned for them as well.  Always happy to share good times.

Here's to ya

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Curran Contracting’s Big Night

Curran Casino Night 2011

The big annual event for Curran Contracting welcomed back Bob the DJ for the second straight year. In addition to be a great night repeating last year’s popular casino night theme, it marked the launch of the new system. Phenomenal! Smooth as silk, crisp and clean, and power to provide sound where needed all describe how it worked out. Check the Photo Gallery to see more. Thanks for visiting.

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Stereophile Bliss, With a Kick

Are you ready?! My new JBL SR series PA’s are here along with the new MRX series subwoofer!! Throw a Crown Xi series 1000w amp for the sub and you have an absolute thing of beauty, not to mention power. I am happy to confidently say that along with the previous system of Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theatre custom series long throw horn speakers, Shure Pro-Master board, and all the other goodies, there is no other system that comes close.

I also discover, after way too many years, that Altec-Lansing and JBL are sister companies because JBL stands for James B. Lansing. Get out! I have always been conflicted with my loyalties and choosing which company made the best speakers. It’s like a weight has been lifted. To think I never realized that fact. Well now I’m even happier about it. And with Crown being the clear leader on the amplifier side, hell I can’t stop smiling. So welcome 2011, time for the fun times!


Bob the happy DJ and EVT* Specialist                    *excessive volume therapy (TM applied for)

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The Year of The Photograph

Since a picture says a thousand words I will be speaking volumes this year. 2011 is proving to unfold already as a big year for Bob the DJ. And I’m excited. With new music (of course) and some great additions to my equipment (thank you JBL!) I have even more power, more clarity and less distortion than imaginable. And with the events/gigs booked, there should be plenty of fun shots for you to see coming to the site [Gallery page] as the gigs take place. So come back to visit often and find out who pops up when you do!

Hope to see you at the shows,

Bob the DJ

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