Oh So Much Fun!

When people say, “Do what you love.”, it is always easier said than done…unless you are fortunate and blessed enough to be able to. This DJ is one of those latter folks. Only because of the people, places and events of whom and which I get to be a part!

This year has taken me to gigs 1,000 feet above the earth, in rooms 60,000 square feet in size, in buildings over 150 years old, along riverfronts, lakefronts and forests, in cemeteries and in silos, on rooftops and in basements, in the cold and in the heat, in shows and in parades, and from the wee hours before the sun comes up to the wee hours of way past when the sun went down,.. and I have loved every minute of it!

Each year I work with more people doing so many fantastic things that I take incredible new journeys and get to make those around me have a great time right along with me!

And the most amazing thing…Relationships. Some clients for two decades to the new ones just starting. I get to be there with families as they grow and celebrate their milestones in life! Example? How about, 1 family, 6 years, 4 weddings, 2 new sets of parents, and 3 new grandchildren?!

So thanks everybody, I couldn’t do it without you! Here’s to the rest of 2019!

Yours truly,

Bob the DJ

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2019 is here!

I love an exciting way to start the year, and 2019 did just that! With return of the fabulous BACOA Dancing with the Barrington Stars for it’s second year, adding a sixth Star, a performing dance troop and doubling the audience size, to next week’s fun-filled Rotary Blues Brothers Bash, I had to bring serious game right out of the gate!!


And I love it! So many new things this year for BTDJ. Always fresh, always fun. A few fashion shows, galas, fund raisers and more. Find me on Chicago rooftops to the Lake Forest Academy, Lake Michigan mornings to Barrington’s White House, parks and parades along main street.

Don’t be a stranger. If you hear my voice, come and say hi. You’re the reason I have so much fun doing what I do!

All the best,

Your DJ

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Fun on the Radio

Got to enjoy some radio time on WRMN 1410AM radio. A nice easy interview for the Let’s Move Elgin event coming up on September 30th, 2018. And no, we’re not trying to move Elgin to another location, we’re saying come on Elgin, let’s move to raise money for charity [Michelle Obama having some punctuation issues oh her program initiative, lol. Ah, the difference a comma can make! Let’s Move, Elgin! – there we go, now I feel better].

I get my mentions around the 12 minute mark and then air time starting around 14 minutes or so. If you watch to the end you’ll see I had no idea we were streaming live until Leah [Unser] points to the camera for us to wave. Glad I shaved and didn’t do anything embarrassing!

Anyway, a great experience and people heard and recognized me on the air as I received some nice calls afterward. Hey, thanks for listening!

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Summer 2018!

Oh man how I love when summer finally rolls around! The events, the people, the weather, the excitement! It’s all so invigorating.

This year, in addition to the usual and always fun events I have going, there have been a few notable new ones that have added to my enjoyable repertoire. Of course we know Cruise Night has been revamped, improved and had fantastic results and feedback after our fist two shows, with twelve remaining.

I am excited to introduce to you the July 14th, Bastille Day extravaganza that will be at the Lincolnshire Marriott. It is called Cirque du Citadel. I will be performing as the Ring Master of Ceremony. Here’s an idea of what’s going down.Cirque du Citadel

An incredible evening with performances by a circus of talent! If you are lucky you may still be able to get in as they are expanding to accommodate the extra interest (click).  Cirque du Citadel

The cast of characters from our photo shoot:

Cirque Cast

I hope you can make it!

Keep checking back and read all the fun blogs from previous postings [you know, in all your spare time. Or, if you’re doing time and are really bored].

Enthusiastically yours,

Bob the DJ

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The Season Is Almost Here…Right?

Oh come on, April!

So Global warming? Not here in Chicago as it proves every year. More snow to come tomorrow! Oh well, at least it’s pretty. AND, we are that much closer to a great DJ season for THIS guy!

So many fantastic new events coming up this year! Come check me out at Cirque du Citadel this July at the Lincolnshire Marriott, or the Mardi Gras Redux at the new Avante Banquets in Fox River Grove in a week. This weekend the Barrington Youth and Family Services annual Gala is a sold out show at the Barrington Hills Country Club. If you’re an early morning athlete, come participate or watch one of the three ALS (A Long Swim) fund raisers in Crystal Lake, Lake Zurich or Winnetka where I help greet the sun. 4th of July parade plans? I’ll be entertaining 10,000 or so from the Shakou rooftop for the mile long parade in Barrington again this year. Plenty more to come where you can see me too.

Of course, there are my classic public fun events, like the 14 weeks of Cruise Night (our 16th year) Scarecrow Fest (where you might not recognize me due to this year’s costume), Bags for Charity tournament, or the BACC Fashion show in May. Take your pick!

Stay happy and I hope to see soon!


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Happy New Year!  How time flies and what a wonderful year 2017 was. As we look forward to an exciting change of the calendar, there are already marvelous things planned ahead for 2018.

My resolution (wish me luck please) is to recognize as much of the good, in everything, that I can. As long as I stay well into the positive side of things with my outlook, I hope to feel that way too! Being negative is way too easy so I challenged myself to do better. Again, wish me luck, lol.

Hope to see you soon!


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Always Enjoy the Praise.

I just received the nicest compliment today. I was told, “You know it’s a legitimate event when Bob the DJ is there!“. I’m am tickled after every event that I do and hear the things people have to say, either to me or overheard in conversation. I love what I do and the people I have the chance to meet, and I promise to keep performing in the way that has made me receive such accolades from those who enjoy what I do.

Thanks for partaking in the fun with me!


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Life Is Good!

So I said goodbye to 2016, both a tough year (most notably because the powerhouse and energy center of my family, my mother, passed away) and a wonderful year for me combined. Epic things happened. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series, we witnessed an epic and historic presidential win, we lost the greatest amount of the most fantastic musicians in Rock n Roll concentrated in one year, to date, and I set a new record for myself for supporting so many causes by raising more money in one year than ever before!

I finished 2016 off with a tremendous 4th quarter and a grand total of just over $603,000 raised through auctioneering according to my tally. That feels good!

I also witnessed and performed for more weddings in one year than ever before, and increased my repeat business with 12 new clients booking me again for their first time. I look forward to our ongoing relationships as well.

I hope the year had it’s incredible moments for the rest of you too, and I am excited to see what tremendous journeys lie ahead in 2017 as the future looks bright!

In memory of those influential, path carving, talented phenoms of music who have left us behind. They are missed. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White in particular for Bob the DJ, but also Paul Kanter, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, Merle Haggard, Dale Griffin, Frank Sinatra Jr., and yes even the likes of George Michael, Prince and John Berry, to name a few.

Until the next time!


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Wow, there’s been some fun!

I have been so busy this year with amazing events that I haven’t had much time to post anything to tell you all about it. So I apologize for the delay, and here goes…

From a multitude of beautiful and creative weddings (10), holiday bashes (9), themed parties (11), school functions (7), village events (18), fund raisers (8), graduation parties (5), surprise parties (3) and more, it has been a great year!

I am proud to say that in my Auctioneer role I have been responsible for raising over $268,000 this year to date for some great causes, and I’m not done yet!

I want to thank all of my clients who have given me the opportunity to do so and who have included me in their special occasions. I got to meet some truly interesting people bacoas-most-interesting-dj-assistant-2016and do incredible things {from Garlic Fest to Motown, 70’s Game show hosting to an ALS morning swim in a quarry, Cruise Nights to garden parties, Memorial Day to Patriot’s Day [9/11] to Veteran’s Day ceremonies, in storms and sunshine, from 16 year olds, 40 year olds and 90 year olds birthday parties, I got to celebrate in the Hills, the Village, the city, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, in barns, parks, gazeboes and gyms…this DJ is blessed!}

See you next time. Thanks!


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2016 with a bang!

Hello again,

I hope 2016 came in as a good one for everyone. As for BTDJ I didn’t have so much as a single gig in January…however…I booked 22 gigs for the rest of the year and some into 2017 as well! And they kept coming in our Leap year month too.

There are some pretty exciting and interesting events I am proud to be part of on the horizon. I have posted some new photos and videos, but boy do I have to work on my skills when it comes to those. You’ll get the idea though. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for coming in and hope to see you soon!

Yours truly

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