Woo, Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, summer just flew by! I have been keeping my schedule full in 2021. Everyone is making up for lost time, and making sure they don’t lose out in case we go through the nonsense again. So, if you missed me at Let It Be Us events, Hope’s In, any of the Wine Walks, the Fourth of July Parade, Memorial Day ceremony, Rotary’s Virtual Rendezvous, Cruise Nights, Art Fest, or any of the music shows over the summer, you can catch me still at Scarecrow Fest, Deer Park Town Center Fall Bash, Holiday Bash, Journey’s Road Home Gala, and Dancing with the Barrington Stars, all coming up! And, I am happy to be booked solid for numerous parties, weddings, and more, as well!

On the personal side, I am very much looking forward to experiencing musical bliss in the spring with Two Cellos in concert, and AXPONA at the Renaissance!

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Normal Never Felt SO Good!

Summer is around the corner and boy are we ready. Events are back in full swing [well, almost] and they are making up for time lost last year. I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be able to spend time with all of you again!

Music on the street corners. Music at the fabulous events coming up, like:

Barrington Breakfast Rotary Night of Talent and Giving Virtual Live fund raiser & Auction 5/22

Memorial Day Ceremony and commemorating the closing of the VFW Post after 75 years of dedicated service. 5/31

The Art Fest 5/29, 5/30

Thursday Night Summer Music Shows, starting 6/3 – 8/19

Cruise Nights on 3rd Thursdays 6/17, 7/15, 8/19

4th of July Parade 7/3

School parties, private club events, and more, so check back in the summer to find out!

Looking forward to catching up. See you soon!

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So Happy to be Honored!

Quintessential People – Honoring Bob Roig (quintessentialbarrington.com)

Enjoy the reading. This says it all!

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Boy it has been awhile

2021 is decidedly here and with it, 2020 lies looming in our rearview mirror but still close enough to give us those shivers we get when stranded on the side of a highway and a semi truck whips by just a bit too close at about 75 mph!

That means it’s about time for me to post something on my blog. Why the long absence? Well, to point out the obvious, I didn’t manner events to post about in 2020! I lost about 80% of my business due to that scourge (whose name I refuse to utter). I feel bad for those companies, associations, foundations, brides & grooms, and more that had to go without.

However, I do have a little high-production ditty to share with you all for your viewing pleasure. This is one way to overcome the large, annoying obstacle that has been cast into our faces in 2020. Please take a look and hopefully enjoy while watching yours truly in action.


Talk soon,


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What it’s All About!

What a strange and yet somewhat wonderful 2020 it has been so far. What can possibly be wonderful, you wonder? A fair question with the Corona virus unleashing COVID-19 upon the entire planet. Yet, we, as people, have rediscovered the beauty of a more simple way of life again. One that revisits the past in some ways and makes us create a future in others. 

Who knew that normality would be so fantastic! Heck, we aren’t even there yet, but we are reveling in being able to get ice cream, visit a restaurant with a limited attendance allowed, or just see people smiling from a distance as we stroll the streets again.

I have the honour and pleasure to serenade the town of Barrington as a catalyst to promote shopping, dining and socializing responsibly every Thursday night this summer in place of what was to be our 18th year of Cruise Night. So, we’ll have the 18th year in the 19th year and enjoy it to the fullest! For now, watching the crowd enjoy sitting on benches, curbs and chairs listening to the show with their families and friends is quite a great reward for me.

Back on the fourth of July, parades were cancelled, fireworks were cancelled, picnics were limited and gatherings in public spaces were shut down. BUT, human spirit goes on! Triumphs! So this year Bob the DJ was able to bring the parade with music, announcements and fun to 22 neighborhoods over a 25.2 mile route in the course of 3 hours!Mobile Parade 7-4-20 The smiles and people coming out to watch, wave and cheer was incredible.

I talked to each and every person along that reception over the mic’d PA system fashioned carefully on the flatbed by the great guys at Public Works! Conner, my driver, did an excellent job of keeping us safe and secure all with an extraordinarily positive attitude. I learned a lot that day just from being in a simple parade, as the simple parade.

Times like this, we cherish life. So in a bizarre sense, I say, Thank you COVID-19, because I know it can’t beat us…it is only making us more amazing.

Have a great summer everyone!

Bob the DJ

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Oh So Much Fun!

When people say, “Do what you love.”, it is always easier said than done…unless you are fortunate and blessed enough to be able to. This DJ is one of those latter folks. Only because of the people, places and events of whom and which I get to be a part!

This year has taken me to gigs 1,000 feet above the earth, in rooms 60,000 square feet in size, in buildings over 150 years old, along riverfronts, lakefronts and forests, in cemeteries and in silos, on rooftops and in basements, in the cold and in the heat, in shows and in parades, and from the wee hours before the sun comes up to the wee hours of way past when the sun went down,.. and I have loved every minute of it!

Each year I work with more people doing so many fantastic things that I take incredible new journeys and get to make those around me have a great time right along with me!

And the most amazing thing…Relationships. Some clients for two decades to the new ones just starting. I get to be there with families as they grow and celebrate their milestones in life! Example? How about, 1 family, 6 years, 4 weddings, 2 new sets of parents, and 3 new grandchildren?!

So thanks everybody, I couldn’t do it without you! Here’s to the rest of 2019!

Yours truly,

Bob the DJ

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2019 is here!

I love an exciting way to start the year, and 2019 did just that! With return of the fabulous BACOA Dancing with the Barrington Stars for it’s second year, adding a sixth Star, a performing dance troop and doubling the audience size, to next week’s fun-filled Rotary Blues Brothers Bash, I had to bring serious game right out of the gate!!


And I love it! So many new things this year for BTDJ. Always fresh, always fun. A few fashion shows, galas, fund raisers and more. Find me on Chicago rooftops to the Lake Forest Academy, Lake Michigan mornings to Barrington’s White House, parks and parades along main street.

Don’t be a stranger. If you hear my voice, come and say hi. You’re the reason I have so much fun doing what I do!

All the best,

Your DJ

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Fun on the Radio

Got to enjoy some radio time on WRMN 1410AM radio. A nice easy interview for the Let’s Move Elgin event coming up on September 30th, 2018. And no, we’re not trying to move Elgin to another location, we’re saying come on Elgin, let’s move to raise money for charity [Michelle Obama having some punctuation issues oh her program initiative, lol. Ah, the difference a comma can make! Let’s Move, Elgin! – there we go, now I feel better].

I get my mentions around the 12 minute mark and then air time starting around 14 minutes or so. If you watch to the end you’ll see I had no idea we were streaming live until Leah [Unser] points to the camera for us to wave. Glad I shaved and didn’t do anything embarrassing!

Anyway, a great experience and people heard and recognized me on the air as I received some nice calls afterward. Hey, thanks for listening!

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Summer 2018!

Oh man how I love when summer finally rolls around! The events, the people, the weather, the excitement! It’s all so invigorating.

This year, in addition to the usual and always fun events I have going, there have been a few notable new ones that have added to my enjoyable repertoire. Of course we know Cruise Night has been revamped, improved and had fantastic results and feedback after our fist two shows, with twelve remaining.

I am excited to introduce to you the July 14th, Bastille Day extravaganza that will be at the Lincolnshire Marriott. It is called Cirque du Citadel. I will be performing as the Ring Master of Ceremony. Here’s an idea of what’s going down.Cirque du Citadel

An incredible evening with performances by a circus of talent! If you are lucky you may still be able to get in as they are expanding to accommodate the extra interest (click).  Cirque du Citadel

The cast of characters from our photo shoot:

Cirque Cast

I hope you can make it!

Keep checking back and read all the fun blogs from previous postings [you know, in all your spare time. Or, if you’re doing time and are really bored].

Enthusiastically yours,

Bob the DJ

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The Season Is Almost Here…Right?

Oh come on, April!

So Global warming? Not here in Chicago as it proves every year. More snow to come tomorrow! Oh well, at least it’s pretty. AND, we are that much closer to a great DJ season for THIS guy!

So many fantastic new events coming up this year! Come check me out at Cirque du Citadel this July at the Lincolnshire Marriott, or the Mardi Gras Redux at the new Avante Banquets in Fox River Grove in a week. This weekend the Barrington Youth and Family Services annual Gala is a sold out show at the Barrington Hills Country Club. If you’re an early morning athlete, come participate or watch one of the three ALS (A Long Swim) fund raisers in Crystal Lake, Lake Zurich or Winnetka where I help greet the sun. 4th of July parade plans? I’ll be entertaining 10,000 or so from the Shakou rooftop for the mile long parade in Barrington again this year. Plenty more to come where you can see me too.

Of course, there are my classic public fun events, like the 14 weeks of Cruise Night (our 16th year) Scarecrow Fest (where you might not recognize me due to this year’s costume), Bags for Charity tournament, or the BACC Fashion show in May. Take your pick!

Stay happy and I hope to see soon!


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